What is Atman Buddhi Concentration? - Atman Buddhi Concentration

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What is Atman Buddhi Concentration?

Atman-Buddhi-Concentration are purple-coloured crystal glass Light instruments.
The name ‘Atman’ comes from the Sanskrit and means ‘THE LIGHT, the origin, the True Self. ‘Buddhi’ is THE STRENGTH to awaken the subconsciousness and mental awareness. The ABC spheres and pyramids are beautiful Light instruments which assist the experienced soul with its spiritual growth.  They harmonize the living environment and increase these through higher vibrations, bringing a person in contact with their Higher self and giving them a beautiful feeling of peace and trust in “The Universe”.

Created from Universal love and True wisdom
for the individual person who wants to grow
towards Universal love and True wisdom

Various applications:

* awareness and spiritual growth
* meditation, mindfulness, yoga, etc.
* with all types of healing
* increase the vibration
* (house) purification and improvement of the energetic environment
* energetic protection
* massage
* in combination with minerals and gems
The products are perfect suitable for intuitive use.

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